Diversity Statement



The Neon Underwriting Board aims to promote diversity in its composition and is committed to ensuring that the Board demonstrates an appropriate balance of skills, experience, independence, knowledge and diversity (including gender diversity).

The Neon Underwriting Board’s commitment to diversity is outlined in a diversity statement adopted by the Board in 2016, which forms part of the Board’s operational procedures document. The statement commits the Board to ensuring that the Board and its Committees demonstrate a broad balance of skills, experience, independence, knowledge and diversity.

Neon Underwriting has implemented a Fit & Proper policy, which emphasises the need to ensure that all persons holding regulated positions, including Board members, have sufficient skills, experience and knowledge to discharge their responsibilities.

In addition, Neon Underwriting conducted a Board skills assessment in 2018 to monitor the diversity and balance of skills, knowledge and experience across the Board as a whole, to ensure an appropriate level of diversity.

This assessment will be refreshed periodically and the output reflected in Neon Underwriting’s ongoing Board training programme. All new Board appointments are made on merit, taking account of the specific skills and experience, independence and knowledge needed to ensure a well-rounded and diverse Board.

Neon also has an Equality Policy that applies to all Neon employees, including Neon Underwriting Board members. The policy outlines Neon’s commitment to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion at all levels of its business. Neon is in the process of implementing a Company-wide diversity training programme during 2018 to support its Equality policy.

Neon Underwriting will be enhancing its Board diversity statement into a stand-alone document, which will bring together in one place all relevant elements on Board diversity.




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