Marine & Offshore Construction

Neon is a leader in the marine and offshore construction industry and we are recognised for our specialist ship and rig construction and conversion expertise.

About This Product

Core Appetite

Neon will consider both insurance and reinsurance risks, including:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Offshore construction
  • Guarantee
  • Maintenance and Discovery
  • Delay in start up


  • Shipbuilding – Conventional and Naval
  • Offshore Risks – MODUs, MOPUs, MOUs, FLNGs, FSRUs
  • Owners and Yard-Controlled Policies

Maximum Line Sizes

London Ship & Rig Consortium

We are the leaders of the London ship and rig construction consortium with a capacity of:

  • USD 77,500,000
  • EUR 70,000,000
  • CAD 70,000,000
  • GBP 46,666,667

Geographic focus

Neon can underwrite in any country where Lloyd’s is licensed to trade. Our focus currently spans:

  • United Kingdom and Europe
  • Far East and Australasia
  • USA and Canada
  • South America


  • Shipyards
  • Ship and rig owners and operators
  • Financiers

Information Requirements

Initial assessments can be made on receipt of the following essential information:

  • Assured
  • Type of risk (Construction, Conversion, Upgrade)
  • Vessel or rig
  • Building period
  • Builder (and their location)
  • Coverage sought

Why choose Neon for Marine & Offshore Construction?

Our highly qualified team has unparalleled experience in the marine and offshore arena, having assisted a wide variety of shipyards worldwide.

We provide bespoke coverage and full policy clause analysis, with dedicated and responsive service and world class claims handling.

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Angus Wilson

Head of Marine

+44 (0)20 7488 7678

James Sutton


+44 (0)20 7488 7735

General Enquiries

For all enquiries not related to specific underwriting teams or claims,
please call +44 (0)207 488 7700, email or tweet @Neon_UW